New Store Setup Instructions

Things to make sure you have to setup a new store:

Store Name
(This is what you put in to the Display Name field, using the following format)
Store Name (City, State Abbreviation)

Physical Address
(this will be the address you enter under billing address in Quickbooks)

Mailing address, if different from physical address
If the mailing address is different from the physical address, please place the mailing address in the Notes section of the details for the store at the bottom of the setup page. Additional information regarding contacts,alternate phone numbers, other stores owned, and anything else that is relevant to the store can also be placed in the Notes field.
In-office, we also list the web address of the online ordering page, if that has been requested

Contact name (preferably the owner, but a manager if necessary)

Contact phone number (if not the store number, place this in the Mobile field)

Store phone number if different from contact number (this would go in the Phone field)

email address (more than one is fine)

Terms should be set to “None”

The questions “Is this a sub customer?” should be off (not green)

These are minimum requirements: we must have a way of communicating with our stores, and having an email in addition to a phone number lets us be certain we can do things like send copies of invoices, statements, and announcements if needed.

Contact the office if you have questions with any of this.
If I (Michael) am not available, Tracey or Rose should be able to help you…

If Online Ordering is needed for a store, please contact Michael.
I can set up any store for online ordering that needs it.

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