Office Tools


Our new sample request page (not linked within our site menu yet) to look at / test.
And a document to process and then print out the envelopes for mailing samples.

Also, here is a page for our existing customers to be able to place an order,
which emails us the order, and stores related information for later retrieval.
(Please note that the page address will be tailored for each customer, and without that customization, the page does not save data. A sample of the ‘live page’ which you can place a test order from, is here)

A quick link to a potential heated storage facility on Cornelius Pass Rd

Note for consideration: Considering Anita’s question regarding insurance;
We should consider adding (maybe to the barcode label, in small print?)

“The manufacturer of this product and its affiliates take no responsibility for the misuse of any botanical products: This product is not FDA approved.
Not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.”

(or some variant of the above)


Each of the following links are for in house discussion / testing / refinement before actual use.

Note that for each of the following forms, there is a response spreadsheet, not necessarily listed here.

Petty Cash Update Form

for in-house tracking of petty cash

Online Application Form

to be added to our website (and made available to the public as needed)
as a quick way to gather most of the application information before interviews

Expense Reporting Form

for use by drivers, in particular, for out of pocket expenses and reimbursement

Driver Inventory

for drivers to use to track adding and removing product from vehicles and backstock


Production Tools (testing area)

Production Inventory
Primary form for production to add products to backstock after processing/packaging

Each of the following link to the form that production workers will use to clock-in and clock-out of each station, including tracking production when clocking out

Capsule Bagging Station

Sealing Station

Powder Station

Label & Boxing Station

Capsule Filling Station

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